1. Question: Can you assist me in designing my own flavor?

Answer: Certainly. You have two options: you can either visit our R&D facility, or we can send a team of scientists to your facility at no cost. Together, we will collaborate to create and fine-tune a flavor that meets your specific requirements. You will be provided with a unique flavor code, ensuring that it remains exclusive to your brand and is not offered to any other clients.

2. Question: Could you design a custom pellet for my factory?

Answer: Certainly, we can collaborate with you to create and manufacture exclusive pellets that will be exclusively available to your factory. There is a cost associated with producing the mold for the pellet, which we will source from Europe. However, you will not be charged for the actual pellets themselves. Rest assured, the pellets we produce will not be distributed to any other factories.

3. Question: What are the advantages of ordering flavors or pellets from your factory?

Answer: There are several compelling advantages to sourcing flavors and pellets from our factory.
1. We utilize internationally renowned Portuguese Flavor & Pellets products with a well-established track record of quality.
2. We offer complimentary samples for you to taste before placing an order.
3. We provide the option to send our team to your factory at no additional cost to assist with flavoring and pellet frying.
4. You have the flexibility to order both small and large quantities, eliminating the need for storage at your facility.
5. We guarantee timely supplies within 24 hours of your order placement.
6. We offer free customization of flavors and pellets to suit your factory's requirements.
7. We ensure the flavor you purchase from us will always be available and maintain consistent quality.
8. Your transportation cost will be less when you order your flavor and pellets from our location in Hilla.

4. Question: Can you offer a line of credit?

Answer: Yes, once you have submitted your line of credit application, we will evaluate your request and provide you with the approved credit limit. The line of credit will be evaluated periodically and adjusted, increase or decrease, accordingly.

5. Question: What does your "Private Label business" mean?

Answer: The "Private Label business" entails that we have the capability to manufacture products like chips, pellets, and flavors with your company's name and logo. Your brand's name and logo will be prominently displayed on the bags and boxes, effectively promoting your brand identity. We essentially function as a manufacturing facility for your brand, handling the production of the products, while you take charge of marketing and selling them as you see fit.

6. Question: Can I become a dealer for Hasad Omnnea?

Answer: Yes, it's possible to become a dealer for Hasad Omnnea. However, please note that we currently have exclusive dealerships in certain provinces or countries. If there is no exclusivity in the province or country you are interested in, we would be pleased to consider your application after you meet our qualification requirements.
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