Flavors for Frying Pellets

Lemon: Lovers of lemon flavor will never overlook this. Discover the real taste for yourself
Cheddar Cheese with Butter: One of the most popular and modern flavors
Chicken Curry: For lovers of refined taste, the chicken curry flavor is made with unmatched high quality
Chicken:Taste the distinction with our unique chicken flavor
Red Cheese with Butter: The magical taste of red cheese with butter will not be replicated
Ketchup: A delicious blend of natural spices
Salt & Vinegar: The endless joy that comes with trying the flavor of salt and vinegar, the top-selling product in the markets
Cheese: The best for making puff chips that leave you licking your fingers
Sweet Corn: Crafted to be the tastiest, enhance your products with the delightful flavor of sweet corn
Indomie Chicken: Enjoy the delightful Asian flavor touch
Maggi Chicken: Elevate your products with a unique touch and savor the pleasure in every bite
Hot Flavor: A spicy cooking experience for those seeking a challenge
Indomie Meat: You get the fantastic meat flavor with Andomi in an astonishing taste
Meat: We make meat more delicious with our unique flavors, which make your products irresistible
Yogurt & Herbs: Get the flavor of Yogurt and Herbs, and feel the difference in carefully selected quality
Maggi Meat: A remarkable blend of fantastic flavors that make it the ideal choice
Smoked BBQ: Blending smokiness and spices in a unique way to always be your top choice
Sweet Chilli Pepper: When creativity combines with production, the wonderful flavor of the blend between hot and sweet peppers emerge
Tomato: The four varieties of tomato flavors lead you towards excellence above all others
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