Why buy from us

Numerous compelling factors set us apart as the ideal choice for conducting business with Hasad Omnnea. To provide you with a clear understanding, here is a comprehensive list of these distinguishing reasons:

• Free samples

Hasad Omnnea offers you the opportunity to test our products free of charge. Contact us to send you free samples of flavors & pellets to test at your facility and make sure you are stratified with them.

• Free onsite technical support

Hasad Omnnea is willing to assist you refine your end products for your consumers. We will be happy to send our technical staff to your facility and train your staff on how to mix and use our flavors or fry our pellets.

• Free dealer App & Software

Hasad Omnnea has meticulously crafted a range of software products, each uniquely tailored to elevate your business's efficiency and productivity. Our solutions not only empower you with comprehensive staff monitoring capabilities and seamless financial transaction tracking but also offer an array of complimentary digital marketing tools. What sets us apart is that when you choose to exclusively partner with us, you gain exclusive access to our suite of dealer's apps, consumer's apps, and a plethora of additional resources. These tools can be branded with your logo, amplifying your brand presence and ultimately boosting your productivity to new heights.

• No minimum on your orders

We offer the flexibility to accept orders starting from as low as 250 kilograms or in tons, catering to your specific needs. With this approach, you can eliminate the need to store ingredients in your warehouse altogether. This not only enables you to enjoy the use of fresh flavors and pellet ingredients but also leads to substantial cost savings by eliminating the necessity to maintain cooling systems for ingredient storage. This, in turn, relieves financial stress, allowing you to order flavors and pellets precisely when you require them, in any quantity that suits your production demands.

• Guaranteed shipment within 24 hours from order

Our commitment is to ensure that your products are swiftly dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order. With us, there's no need to endure extended wait times for shipments arriving from abroad. We understand the importance of uninterrupted production, and you won't have to halt your operations while waiting for flavors or pellets to arrive from outside Iraq.

• Free custom-made flavor

We custom make flavors to suit your customers and marketing strategy. No one else will be using your flavors’ codes.

• Free custom-made pellets

We specialize in crafting custom-made pellets tailored to your specific requirements, ranging from unique shapes and sizes to carefully selected ingredients. Rest assured; the pellets we produce for you will never be distributed to other clients. This means that the snack chips you offer will feature distinctive pellets exclusively associated with your company, setting your products apart in the market.

• We extend a line of credit

We are pleased to offer a line of credit to eligible customers, aimed at alleviating financial constraints. This credit facility will undergo periodic assessments, allowing us to adjust the credit limit in accordance with the client's payment history and patterns.

• Free visit to Portugal

Clients who successfully meet our sales quota are eligible for an exclusive annual opportunity to visit Portugal. During this visit, they will have the chance to personally meet with our flavor manufacturer, OrgFlavors HQ, located in Lisbon, Portugal.

• Guaranteed quality and lower prices

We proudly assure you that our commitment to excellence extends to both product quality and pricing. Our dedication to providing superior quality and competitive pricing equips you with the essential tools to thrive in this fiercely competitive market. Furthermore, we guarantee to outperform any competing product in terms of both quality and cost-effectiveness.